Step into the enchanting world of Krysta and Ray, where love blossoms like the most beautiful flowers. November 2022 marked their wedding at Mercer Oaks Golf Course in West Windsor, NJ. A perfect backdrop for a love as timeless as theirs.

Krysta, a former volunteer EMS squad member, found her way from the bustling DC area to the heart of New Jersey. There, Ray, a true Jersey native, eagerly awaited her. Their love story took a magical turn with a proposal in the scenic Shenandoah. It happened on a trail that held sentimental value for Krysta’s family for five generations. Ray’s carefully planned surprise, navigating the trail to unveil a breathtaking peak, transformed what seemed like salty respiratory pauses into a beautiful proposal story etched in their hearts.

The rustic-themed wedding at Mercer Oaks seamlessly mirrored the couple’s outdoorsy and charmingly awkward personalities. As the ceremony unfolded amidst the natural beauty outside, the reception cozily embraced the warmth of the venue.

In a private and intimate moment, Krysta and Ray shared a first look, setting the tone for the heartfelt vows they exchanged later. Their love, built on humor and genuine connection, echoed through the celebration.

Their love story, as told by the couple, traces back to a snowy day at WVU, where a chance encounter at a snowboarding event ignited a conversation about a football game. Little did they know, that seemingly ordinary moment marked the beginning of a love story that transcended states. It culminated in Krysta’s move to NJ in 2017, solidifying their commitment to navigating life’s adventures hand in hand.

Revel in the joy, laughter, and love that enveloped their wedding at Mercer Oaks Golf Course. Through their journey, we witness the magic of two souls finding each other in unexpected places, creating a story that is as heartwarming as it is enduring.

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